New Dawn

Built in 2000, West Coast Launch’s original jet boat. This highly maneuverable twin jet vessel is equipped with a davit crane / pot-puller and was built for crew transportation, freight runs and bottom surveys. The New Dawn has a cruising speed of 27 knots, a maximum speed of 30 knots and can run in very shallow waters.


Washroom, MOB retrieval system, aft deck with storage for 4 pallets of freight, swim grids, davit crane / pot-puller.

  • Passenger Capacity: 11
  • Cargo Space: 5 m2/16.4 ft2
  • Horse Power: 630
  • Fuel Consumption: 80 L (21.1 gal)/hr
  • Length: 9.6 m/30 ft
  • Breadth/Width: 3.3 m/11 ft
  • Registered Tonnage: 3.67
  • Crew 1-2