Sister boat to the Kitson, highly maneuverable twin-jet boat built in 2017 and capable of taking strong to moderate weather. Capable of running in deep or shallow water with a cruising speed of 30 knots and maximum speed of 40 knots, the Lelu is ideally suited for fast crew and freight transportation on and off ships and work sites. The vessel’s wraparound deck is extremely useful for running alongside gangways, marine pilot boarding, and line jobs for large ships.


Spacious room for 12 passengers, washroom, aft deck with room for 6 pallets, davit crane for light freight and MOB, ladder on stern setup for MOB retrieval.

  • Passenger Capacity: 12
  • Cargo Space: 6 m2/19.7 ft2
  • Horse Power: 1000
  • Fuel Consumption: 113.6 L (30 gal)/hr
  • Length: 12.2 m/40 ft
  • Breadth/Width: 3.9 m/12.9 ft
  • Registered Tonnage: 10.4
  • Crew 1-3