This 85-foot, fast response, combination passenger ro-ro vessel was completed for West Coast Launch in Spring 2019. Its large stern deck allows 15,000 lbs of freight to roll on and off, and makes it perfectly suited for survey and oil response work as passengers are easily deployed. With a green vessel fuel efficiency of 50 gallons/hour, the Aurora cruises at 22 knots and can easily reach a maximum speed of 27 knots. A catamaran built for a smooth ride on heavy seas, the Aurora can run comfortably through heavy weather year-round.


Two washrooms, (one wheelchair accessible), large back deck, modern comfort seating, vending machine, wrap around deck, 12 x 8 ft. storage garage with roll down door, floor-to-ceiling windows, crane, MOB retriever.

  • Passenger Capacity: 100
  • Cargo Space: 45 m2/148 ft2
  • Horse Power: 1500
  • Fuel Consumption: 189 L (50 gal)/hr
  • Length: 25.9 m/85 ft
  • Breadth/Width: 8 m/26.2 ft
  • Registered Tonnage: 142
  • Crew 3